• Nov. 30 2016
  • Raashida Khan

Is South Africa on the brink of disaster?

I attended a very interesting and inspiring course this past week. The facilitator mentioned more than once that in his opinion, South Africa is on the brink of disaster. The many statistics he mentioned, while not news, were indeed frightening. To know what is happening in society, communities, government, institutions, schools, at universities, in many companies and even homes, perhaps this is a likely conclusion. There are times, when I too shake my head at the reality and wonder if we have gone too far down the path of destruction. Is it possible to turn the tide? 


  • Nov. 28 2016
  • Janice Scheckter

Business collaboration lessons from schools

Many businesses find the transition from the silo-style environment to one of cross-functional collaboration, highly challenging. Studies from the schooling environment indicate that collaborative learning teams attain higher level thinking and preserve information for longer times than students working individually.  

  • Nov. 17 2016
  • Janice Scheckter

You will need new skills in the workplace of the future

There are so many drivers disrupting the workplace as we know it today. Included is expanded lifespans – globally, the rise of smart machines that will make the repetitive, rote type tasks performed by humans, redundant and a globally connected and computational world among others.

  • Nov. 15 2016
  • Raashida Khan

Love South Africa; love its constitution

Roger Southall, Professor of Sociology at the University of Witwatersrand, in his article, ‘Eight years too late: Mbeki's ANC set a precedent of undermining the constitution*’, suggests that Thabo Mbeki, did our country and himself a great disservice when he accepted the ANC’s directive to be removed as president of the country. 

The AGE of collaboration

Now don’t get confused! The AGE of collaboration is quite different to the Collaborative ERA. The AGE of collaboration is my of assessment of the concept of age within the collaborative space, while the ERA is … well, it’s now. 



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