• Jan. 21 2016
  • Janice Scheckter

Millennials and Collaboration – the perfect fit

By 2020, millennials will make up 50% of the workforce, and 88% of them currently say that they prefer an environment that is collaborative over one that's competitive.

  • Sep. 16 2015
  • Janice Scheckter

The social intranet – a place to incubate your organisation’s innovation

Intranets since their inception have been through a number of iterations, which initially saw the launch of employee document repositories and gradually became a dumping ground for employee information, evolving into the self-service space around areas such as HR, among others. 
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  • Sep. 3 2015
  • Janice Scheckter

The intranet – a place where documents go to die!

This definitely defines the intranet of old which was a place where documents, thought important to staff, were uploaded. It was really about one-way communication more than anything. The days of the document storage type intranet are over. It’s critical for organisations to have interactive, collaborative and engaging intranets. Here are my top five reasons;

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  • May. 11 2015
  • Janice Scheckter

Teambuilding is not collaboration

...and that planned, expensive team build is not going to build a collaborative ‘connected enterprise’


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Communities could become one of your greatest assets in 2019

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