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February 7
Ditch the ‘likes’ and pursue the LOVE
‘Like us on Facebook and you stand a chance to win a Ferrari, a spa day, a plane ticket to Alaska,...
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January 26
A declaration of war on email and Whatsapp – the thieves of my day
Ping. Ping. Ping. That’s it. I’m done with my constant eye on my email and my messages. I now find...
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October 3
Collaborative thinking – is it all horse shit?
I fully acknowledge that I am not the first to use this analogous tale below, to illustrate a point....
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September 6
Simple teacher collaboration shows improvement in the most critical skills
Collaboration does not always have to be the outcome of a lengthy design process and complex tech....
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July 30
Gigaba’s 14-point plan – any collaboration there?
By now we’ve got a good sense of Malusi Gigaba’s ability to collaborate. Tragically it appears to...
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