Smarter Connected Cities

Just imagine if the language we used, to talk about our cities included phrases like ‘best place to live’, ‘communities who innovate’, ‘safe neighbourhoods’, ‘crowd sourced city solutions’ and more.

When we at Indigo New Media think about smarter connected cities, we think about cities that are transforming through the power of collaboration. Collaboration may be between ordinary citizens like you and the Indigo team, or between communities and local government department, or between two go-getter neighbours connected through their neighbourhood app.

The next decade holds profound opportunities for rapid innovation among citizens, within governance and even government services. This future will be made out of the new relationships between citizens and their governments, creating new ways for government services to be designed and delivered. As governments everywhere struggle with increasing public demand for services in the face of austerity and resource reduction, ideas are what’s needed. Are you a connected citizen that can transform a city? Our city hubs are in their very early stages of development. If you have ideas on engaging with us on either of these city networks contact

Joburg City Network

Cape Town City Network

Make sure that you keep an eye on our upcoming blog for insights shared on how smarter connected cities are empowering citizens.

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