Collaborate like a startup

Posted by Janice Scheckter on 04 June 2017 5:35 PM CAT

The startup of today is a highly evolved animal where disruption is often the name of the game. This is because as part of that evolution, startups have developed methodologies that include the minimal viable product, business model canvases, timeboxing and pivots.

In addition, startups are all about collaborative relationship. They are forced to explore where collaborations will add value as they don’t have the luxury of time-honoured relationships in financing, development, distribution and more.

Startups collaborate around funding with VCs and Angel funders, and these funders in themselves are often collaborative in their DNA. They want a different kind of involvement in those they choose to fund.

Of course, startups have the advantage out of the gate in that there is no legacy of a silo-driven structure and thus no need for them to start breaking down the barriers between disciplines. And of course, all the startup methodologies such as timeboxing and MVPs require immediate cross-functional collaboration and could simply not work in the silo-driven world of the old style startup.

It’s not always an easy journey for the traditional corporates, as the shifts are at the very heart of the organisational structure, but cross-functional teams dedicated to one product or process is a great starting point.

Janice Scheckter is co-founder and MD of Indigo New Media. Indigo has built four startups in collaboration with a number of entrepreneurs, in four years, with another two in progress. Indigo also provides thought leadership and agile workshopping on collaborative strategies and interventions. Contact us.

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