It’s Jacob Zuma FIRST!

Posted by Janice Scheckter on 03 February 2017 12:20 PM CAT

In my previous blog ‘Thank you, Donald Trump,’ I tried to understand Trump’s US-exclusive phrase and then it struck me, in South Africa, we are even worse off. Here’s why.


Donald Trump bombastic, no filter and creating a whole new genre of reality TV does believe that what he’s doing is for America, albeit a ‘specific’ America. Jacob Zuma’s focus is far narrower. Sure he collaborates, but not with a country in need, nor with a continent seeking some unity.

Let’s talk turkey – actually chicken. The country's largest poultry producer Rainbow Chicken Limited (RCL) last month laid off 1,350 employees, that's about 20 percent of its workforce, and is selling 15 of its 25 farms. Why is this?

The South African Poultry Association accuses the EU, along with Brazil and the US, of dumping surplus chicken in our country. They allege that up to 30,000 tonnes of chicken portions not wanted in these countries are being exported to South Africa monthly at extremely low prices which are choking the local market. 

So here is my take – remember I’m no economist. We have a huge market for chicken. It’s the most consumed protein. We have the ability to produce against demand. We need to save jobs. It kinda feels like a no brainer right? Oh, and imports have a fairly harsh global footprint.

I am prepared to be called out for naiveté on this but I just don’t get it. Jacob Zuma, you are a collaborator, but not in the interests of your people.

Janice Scheckter, MD Indigo New Media and director of A Better Africa, wonders why the government is so poor in its collaborative abilities.

 Source: Deutsche Welle


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