Is South Africa on the brink of disaster?

Posted by Raashida Khan on 30 November 2016 11:10 AM CAT

I attended a very interesting and inspiring course this past week. The facilitator mentioned more than once that in his opinion, South Africa is on the brink of disaster. The many statistics he mentioned, while not news, were indeed frightening. To know what is happening in society, communities, government, institutions, schools, at universities, in many companies and even homes, perhaps this is a likely conclusion. There are times, when I too shake my head at the reality and wonder if we have gone too far down the path of destruction. Is it possible to turn the tide? 


My answer is a resounding YES. At the end of the course, I felt incredibly hopeful and positive, in my personal space, and for society and the country. If every individual takes responsibility for him or herself, if we are all honest with ourselves and each other, I believe we can address the alarming statistics. Do not underestimate the power of one person acting while being cognisant of the consequences of his words and actions. This person can influence the people around him, they in turn will impact others and there will be a ripple effect that will be felt at the furthest shores. 

Look at what we can do for others, instead of being selfish. Pay it forward and the universe will pay it back. Maybe not here and now. Maybe tomorrow, in a year or to your children. Improve society for others and it will improve for you and I too. These things can be addressed if people start by being honest and doing what they say they will. 

I hope I am not being naïve or simplistic. This is not a magic fix; not by a long shot. Much is in the hands of those that hold power. Government needs to address systemic and endemic incompetence, mismanagement, wastage and corruption. But I don’t want this to become another rant against government. Rather, an acceptance of the responsibility that has been thrust upon me; that I want to stand up and be counted, and accountable. I will start simply by doing what I say I will. I invite you to join me on this journey. For it to work, I need the support and partnership of every South African. 

Join one of our online platforms and start a group that makes a difference. A Better Africa is a smart digital space for collaboration around education, inclusivity, social change, knowledge sharing, data assimilation and access to people with great ideas. Joburg and Cape Town City Networks invite citizens and organisations to be active in raising awareness of issues that can be addressed collectively. It’s a start and a step in the right direction.



Raashida Khan is Account Director at Indigo New Media. She loves South and Africa South Africans.



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