Video is among the most consumed content and doesn’t have to break the budget

Posted by Raashida Khan on 28 June 2016 8:20 PM CAT

Everyone who is anyone is talking about the power of video content. Why is there such a push to using videos? There are many reasons but most marketers agree, video content is one of the most effective ways to cut through the clutter in a crowded content marketing landscape. A video is as close to a full-sensory experience (second only to virtual reality experiences), because it uses both sight and sound senses to help the audience to process a message.   

Another huge factor is because videos are so easily shareable, and then consumed. People are three times more likely to click on a video link than a link to an article. Having videos increases open rates, increases click-through rates, and reduces unsubscribe rates in email campaigns.


Having said that, there is still no guarantee that your video will be consumed. Video has to be done right to be effective. Here are a couple of tips from online experts:

  •  Keep it short. Videos of 2,5 minutes or shorter on web sites are ideal
  • Get your message in early. As many as 68% of viewers stop watching after the first minute
  • Be clear and concise with the description. Your description includes copy that is read by search engines
  • Give viewers a next step. Do you want them to share? Should they log onto your web site? Make sure you make the next step easy – it’s not enough to simply include links
  • Consider your audience when making the video. The video is for them so make sure it’s relevant
  • Promote your video on multiple social media channels. Make it easy to find
  • Be creative in the production and in the strategy to market the video. A clever video will go viral faster

At Indigo New Media we are strong proponents of video marketing. Videos are effective in creating brand awareness, lead generation and online engagement. When we describe the value and benefits of packaging content in videos to clients, they too love the idea. But often, when presented by the proposed costs to produce the videos, clients would think twice. We therefore went back to the drawing board and decided that there must be a way to produce great quality videos that were professional and answered corporate needs efficiently. A little research, a smartphone and two weeks later, we were producing our own videos, a competency previously reserved for production company suppliers. We love it and are making weekly short, cost-effective videos on topics close to our heart, and uploading these onto our own YouTube channel, Collaboration Central. We welcome you to subscribe and share those videos that interest you.

Costs should no longer be an excuse not to do videos. Production costs have fallen significantly and you no longer have to be a technical whiz, just be ready to google how-tos on the web, and be open to experiment. We didn’t wait to be perfect before sharing online, and with each week, we get better.


Raashida Khan loves story-telling and believes in a multi-channel approach to content creation.


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