The real stats of business collaboration

Posted by Janice Scheckter on 17 February 2016 11:25 AM CAT

Ninety-six percent of executives cite ineffective communication as the reason for workplace failures.  In addressing this, executives estimate that improved communication and collaboration through social technologies could raise productivity levels by as much as 20-25%.

But of course it’s not just about communications. It’s about innovation, speed, agility, flexibility and all the attributes that today’s successful organisations seek.  Did you know for example that 90% of workers said they felt more confident when co-working?

Okay, we’ve dealt with communications and confidence. Here’s a scary thought: on average, workers send and receive 15 emails with attachments a day. Some 59% of managers miss vital information simply because they can’t find it or never see it.

Where’s that damn doc!!! Teams can draft documents 33% faster with a document management tool that cuts out the need for attachments AND Some 74% of businesses report faster access to knowledge using social software.

A study by analyst house Aberdeen Group found that over the course of a year organisations with an enterprise social collaboration policy saw a 96% improvement in the time it takes to respond to customers while Yammer reported that an astounding 38% of employee time is lost duplicating work. 

Here’s a real shocker! 58% of people waste an hour a day looking for information.

Finally – if talent retention is what you’re after, head hunters say feeling connected makes 63% of people more likely to stay with their existing employer.

Janice Scheckter, collaboration activist, likes collaboration a hellavu lot more than numbers – but if the numbers make it happen – let’s do it!






Aberdeen Group





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