• Jul. 13 2016
  • Talitha Hlaka

No man is an island

A blog motivating why everyone should join a community

When author John Don spoke the words “no man is an island” in his sermon in the 17th century, I doubt he knew how true the words would ring, four centuries later. Even today, we continue to learn how human beings do not thrive when isolated from others; perhaps that’s the reason for the collaboration era we find ourselves in today.

  • Jul. 8 2016
  • Janice Scheckter

Disruption in the collaboration era

Having just completed one of my best business reads this year, Disrupt You by Jay Samit, I firmly believe we’re in the best possible era for disruption. I know that there are some out there who feel the word itself is vastly overtraded. For me, disruption is about new thinking that improves the way we do stuff, consume stuff, create stuff, etc.  It’s about improving lives through better access to goods, services and talent. 


  • Jun. 28 2016
  • Raashida Khan

Video is among the most consumed content and doesn’t have to break the budget

Everyone who is anyone is talking about the power of video content. Why is there such a push to using videos? There are many reasons but most marketers agree, video content is one of the most effective ways to cut through the clutter in a crowded content marketing landscape. A video is as close to a full-sensory experience (second only to virtual reality experiences), because it uses both sight and sound senses to help the audience to process a message.   

  • Jun. 23 2016
  • Talitha Hlaka

Giving collaborative organisations insights into the community lifecycle

As online communities develop, so do their audiences. Thinking of audience as a homogenous and consistent group can be a big mistake. As members are indifferent to the phases of the lifecycle, they will act differently, spend varying amounts of time within the online community, and fulfil different needs. 


  • Jun. 21 2016
  • Talitha Hlaka

Big visions – all about a collective effort

Remember my previous blog How collaboration helps fight corruption globally? I invite you to read this as an extension to that blog. Corruption is endemic in far too many countries but collaboration can fix and is fixing this scourge on our societies. I thought I should give you further insights. Let’s catch up quickly. I remember telling you that as a citizen of a corruption-riddled country, I’m affected and moved to do something about this and thus spend a day a week at Corruption Watch, community managing a digital collaborative platform called Corruption Watch Connected.

  • Jun. 16 2016
  • Janice Scheckter

Authenticity – the cornerstone of collaboration

The word authenticity appears often in collaborative essays and blogs. As I keep reading I find myself questioning what this actually means. There is the concept of authenticity that builds trust – which is really essential to the survival and sustainability of the collaborative environment. But what does authenticity really mean?

  • Jun. 14 2016
  • Talitha Hlaka

Creating original design in a shrinking world

I’m happy to say that this has only happened to indigo New Media once – when we have designed a logo for a client which they loved and approved, only for us to realise a day later that the logo looked very similar to that of another company. Fortunately, this was discovered early on, and the logo was not in use, so could be amended before execution.

The new airbnb logo looks very similar to logo for Automation Anywhere. 

  • Jun. 7 2016
  • Talitha Hlaka

How collaboration helps fight corruption globally

Corruption is without a doubt the biggest obstacle standing between South Africa and its potential to succeed. According to the EconomicCalendar.com, one of the reasons of the downfall of the economy today is due to corruption. So how can we possibly help this situation you wonder? The answer is simple: we stand up and collaborate. 

  • Jun. 2 2016
  • Janice Scheckter

How the world’s top circus collaborates

Here’s the sequence of events. Reebok research showed that women are bored with gyms and the traditional offering. In 2008 a chance encounter between executives from Cirque du Soleil and Reebok, gets Reebok thinking a little differently and leads to a collaborative project, which really aids both organisations in overcoming some major liabilities. Reebok was seeking to consolidate its position in the women’s sports apparel market, while Cirque du Soleil needed to expand its access to global markets.

  • May. 31 2016
  • Raashida Khan

A blog starts with writing the first word

The words from the respected futurist, have never been truer in this day and age of the proliferation of the Internet and social media and how this touches and influences all aspects of our lives. I have found this particularly relevant as I have recently embarked on the journey of writing blogs. 

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