• Feb. 3 2017
  • Janice Scheckter

It’s Jacob Zuma FIRST!

In my previous blog ‘Thank you, Donald Trump,’ I tried to understand Trump’s US-exclusive phrase and then it struck me, in South Africa, we are even worse off. Here’s why.


  • Jan. 26 2017
  • Janice Scheckter

Thank you Donald Trump

 Dear President Trump


‘America First’ sounds like a great idea and my thanks goes to you for forcing us to think as to whom should come first. Please allow me to borrow from you, this sentiment, but would you mind if I replaced America with Africa, as I happen to be African and not American?


  • Dec. 13 2016
  • Raashida Khan

Citizens mindful of their city

As I walked through Delta Park yesterday, I saw a gentleman throw a bag of dog poo in the bin on his way out. I thanked him, because this is a rare occurrence. Up until a year or two ago, the parks were dog poo-free. People were conscious and had a conscience. They walked with plastic bags and cleared up after their dogs. Not anymore.

Why Open Data is so important to the collaborative process

If we are clear that data allows decision makers to make evidence-based decisions, we immediately understand the importance of open data to the collaborative process. Data not only has the power to revolutionise and disrupt the way societies are governed but also the way citizens and government collaborate. 

  • Nov. 30 2016
  • Raashida Khan

Is South Africa on the brink of disaster?

I attended a very interesting and inspiring course this past week. The facilitator mentioned more than once that in his opinion, South Africa is on the brink of disaster. The many statistics he mentioned, while not news, were indeed frightening. To know what is happening in society, communities, government, institutions, schools, at universities, in many companies and even homes, perhaps this is a likely conclusion. There are times, when I too shake my head at the reality and wonder if we have gone too far down the path of destruction. Is it possible to turn the tide? 


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