About Indigo New Media

At Indigo New Media we champion collaboration, build smart communities and great b2b brands.

The connected enterprise

There are many commentators around 'the social era', 'social business', 'the collaborative economy', but for us at Indigo new media, none better than author, strategist and speaker, Nilofer Merchant. Merchant notes that in the era of connectivity. organisations that will succeed are those who are agile, open and connected. At Indigo new media, we work with organisations to achieve exactly that. We partner with our clients, to better understand how to harness collective intelligence both within their organisations and within their broader stakeholder bases.

The benefits from within

The connected enterprise that collaboratively engages its people will experience multiple benefits such as quicker onboarding, cross departmental contamination with real silo busting, efficient training, expedited 'go-to-market strategies and more.

The benefits from customer collaboration

Customers no longer only want to be recipients of goods and services, they want to co-create. Collaboration with customers defines a different outcome for customer service and a different way of selling to customers.

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