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News & Views

September 6
Simple teacher collaboration shows improvement in the most critical skills
Collaboration does not always have to be the outcome of a lengthy design process and complex tech....
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July 30
Gigaba’s 14-point plan – any collaboration there?
By now we’ve got a good sense of Malusi Gigaba’s ability to collaborate. Tragically it appears to...
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July 14
Collaborating to ensure kids are employable
The six-year high school, this may just be the kind of collaboration that education needs. You know...
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June 25
How Airbnb collaborated with customers to build an incredible business
Airbnb has become part of many travellers’ lives and we’re constantly reminded of how providing a...
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June 4
Collaborate like a startup
The startup of today is a highly evolved animal where disruption is often the name of the game. This...
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