Creating impact through digital collaboration

Indigo New Media (Pty) Ltd vision is to be the #1 digital / mobile community builder in Africa. We have built several digital hubs driving impact in education, agriculture, entrepreneurship, tourism, civil society and cities. Each vertical focus materialises as a digital platform with an emphasis on connection and economic impact that drives some of the 2030 SGBs and the challenges on our continent.

Indigo comprises of a team with combined skills sets to build powerful online communities. Included are collaborative strategies, community engagement, mobile app development and ongoing tech innovation. If you're building mobile digital communities, you should be speaking to us.


News & Views

July 18
Why 67 minutes is just not enough
As I write this on the eve of Madiba’s centenary, and as many South African organisations rally...
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June 5
Will the real innovators please stand up?
I’m sitting in a conference audience, just last week in fact, listening to a seriously big tech...
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May 10
A day in the life of a 55-year old start-up entrepreneur
AKA from former hero to below-zero with the intention of rising from the ashes as the superhero
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February 7
Ditch the ‘likes’ and pursue the LOVE
‘Like us on Facebook and you stand a chance to win a Ferrari, a spa day, a plane ticket to Alaska,...
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January 26
A declaration of war on email and Whatsapp – the thieves of my day
Ping. Ping. Ping. That’s it. I’m done with my constant eye on my email and my messages. I now find...
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