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June 4
Collaborate like a startup
The startup of today is a highly evolved animal where disruption is often the name of the game. This...
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May 17
Just how invested are you in….Your neighborhood, Your city, Your country’s future?
Take the heading as question one and the next phrase as questions two and three, how often are you...
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April 28
Collaboration Critical – a deadline for South Africans
There has never been a more critical time for South Africans to collaborate. Over the past few weeks...
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March 29
Wake up South Africa! Social cohesion just like job creation, will not come from government
While channel hopping a couple of days ago, I caught a British diplomat referring to South Africa as...
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March 16
Content has been dethroned as King
We’ve all lived in a world where content has ruled for many years, but this is no longer the case....
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