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Online communities are fast becoming ubiquitous, whether they’re about building connected brands, driving advocacy, creating support or fast tracking impact. At Indigo New Media our core focus is the latter – impact! We have designed, built and curated several digital platforms and mobile apps, driving impact in education, agriculture, tourism driving local enterprise development, civil society and cities. Let us build your community. Connect with us today.




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July 28
Why collaborate
I’ve written so extensively on the need and benefits of collaboration over the past few years, that...
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May 22
Is data privacy a luxury good?
About five years ago, I had a less than pleasant encounter with an arrogant, known Johannesburg...
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March 28
Rethinking the neighbourhood as a community
Sounds a little bizarre because neighbours have always been a community right? Well, it’s only right...
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March 13
Why we need a more human internet
Platforms, The Platform Revolution, Communities and customer retention, the building of smart...
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February 20
The Age of the Customer and why platforms could help avoid commoditisation
Blog 2 in the Platform series. Your customer of days past was in the dark. If they purchased an...
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